Custom manufacturing

Development and construction work

The company of TOKOZ a.s. has own construction and development base.

Our development department represents the team of employees skilled in development and design construction works who can use their top-quality software equipment.


Development offer according to the customer´s requirements:

  • development and construction work
  • development of both comprehensive products and individual parts
  • preparing of the complete technical documentation in the defined form
  • prototype manufacturing
  • 3D models of the individual parts and the complete assemblies
  • we prefer consequent manufacturing in TOKOZ a.s.


Software equipment

In the development and construction department, we use the AutoCAD and CAD NX systems. We can also to deal with materials created in the Catia or the generally used formats fo the CAD data transmission (STEP, IGES, Parasolid, DWG). We can support the tool desing by a simulation of the die casting and the sheet-metal pressing.

Making of product prototypes and testing the thereof

Thanks to our co-operation with the development workshop and the testing laboratory and thanks to the direct connection to the manufacturing, we can fine-tune the initial designs to the fully functional and technologically optimal form thereof by using maximum time, material, and capacity efficiency.


Consulting, data preparation and organization of the certifications and applications for the industrial property right protection

The construction team brings a range of progressive solutions in the fields of building fittings and security mechanisms. Most of them have been patented or have received another form of industrial and legal protection both in the Czech Republic and abroad.