Custom manufacturing


Modern production halls in the area of surface forming of ferrous and non-ferrous metals provide sources for forming metal sheet parts of various sizes and compositions. We are specialists in making long presspieces - such as moulding for construction fitting. Our press machines can be fit with progressive tools in size up to  3500 x 1000 mm.

Technological and manufacturing capabilities in the field of surface forming

  • forming machines for processing of sheet metal with thickness of 0,5-6 mm
  • roll width up to 800 mm
  • maximum roll weight 5.5 t


Forming machines with mechanical feeding

  • mechanical crank presses with pressing power of 400-4000 kN
  • KAISER automated line with pressing power of 1600 kN and 6300 kN
  • HELMERDING automated line with pressing power of 630 kN and 4000 kN
  • automated pressing work-station ŽĎAS - LKTA with pressing power of 4500 kN
  • two-line BRÜCK press with pressing power of 6300 kN and with a KOHLER feeder
  • PAUSt progressive forming press 100/1 with pressing power of 1000 kN


Forming machines with manual feeding

  • mechanical eccentric presses with pressing power of 50-1600 kN


We specialize in producing long pressings - such as rails for building fitting. Our presses can be fitted with complex progressive tools of sizes up to 3500 x 1000 mm.