Locks and fittings

How to choose the right product

Lock cylinders, padlocks, hasps, bars and other security mechanisms can be selected according to the following criteria:

To make security orientation easier the products are marked with a class and a resistance pictogram.


Security class

All products are categorized into the classes according to their breaking and devaluation resistance. The classes are indicated on all certified products to make the product selection easier.




Our products are provided with various pictograms of resistance and use. They are explained in the product overviews found in our catalogue or you can simply position the mouse pointer on  a pictorgram in our e-shop and its explanation will appear. 



Other pictograms - click here.


Lock cylinders:

The TOKOZ PRO lock cylinders  are particularly suitable for securing the front door of family houses, flats, blocks of flats and other main entrances. Not only are they highly resistant to various methods of breaking, but above all they are developed to withstand diverse outside conditions.  


We offer lock cylinders in the following variations:  

double cylinder
single cylinder
double cylinder with thumbturn  


It is necessary to fit a lock cylinder in the door exactly according to our instructions, otherwise we cannot guarantee the security and correct operation of the lock cylinder. It is essential to determine the size of a lock cylinder according to the thickness of a door with hardware. It is always measured from the centre of the fastening bolt to the outer edges of the fittings in both directions. Required size of a cylinder is obtained by combining the numbers, e. g. 35+45 (TOKOZ PRO 300 35/45). The size of a lock cylinder must be the same or bigger than the thickness of the door with hardware. It must not exceed the hardware by more than 3mm.






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