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Are you certain that your home is secure?

Are you certain that your home is secure?   

Underestimating the security of your office, firm, department, household or any property in general is not worth the risk. It is recommended to combine various security elements. Nowadays, there is a whole range of mechanical security means. In order to buy good quality worth the money paid, there are some rules to be followed: 

  • the products must be certified (ČSN EN 1303, ČSN EN 1627, ČSN EN 12320) or assessed by a relevant accredited testing laboratory
  • resistance to breaking
  • Acceptance by insurance companies - buy a product that complies with the insurance policy of the insurance company that provides a cover of the relevant property
  • Resistance to extreme conditions - in case that the product is exposed to outside conditions (rain, freezing temperatures), it is advisable to pay attention to its high corrosive resistance, and for dusty or oily environments select a product with a suitable design.  

When choosing a suitable mechanism, it is crucial to realize for which type of the door it is to be used, whether it is an entrance to a property, basement, garage, fenced premises, etc. and ask our competent staff in stores for advice. Read instructions and information on the packaging.  

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Example of securing a house with the TOKOZ PRO products

  1. TOKOZ PRO 400
  2. TOKOZ PRO 300
  3. UZ PRO 240
  4. X safety BOX III
  5. GAMA 50 CS
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