Locks and fittings

Keyed systems

The Grand Master and Master Keyed Systems (SGHK) lie in a simple principle - the owner or the user of the building, e. g. the director or the administrator/caretaker can give access priority to enter particular rooms either to individuals or to specified groups.  

Master Keyed system

All locks are keyed to a specific key that unlocks only the relevant lock. A relevant group of locks can be then opened with a Master key according to the access rights (e. g. employees have their own keys and their boss has a Master key that can unlock his/her own office and also offices of the employees but it will not unlock offices in other sectors).

Grand Master keyed system

One key operates all locks in the company. It is superior to Master Keys. It is intended for the use of the owner of the company, a security agency and a fire brigade. It can also be placed within the company premises in a sealed safety box for emergency cases.


Why to provide your premises with the SGHK system? What does the  SGHK system offer?

  • Provides authorized people with a comfortable access to selected areas  
  • Reduces the number of keys necessary for entering the premises
    Grand master key saves money, values and health in unexpected events  
  • Guarantees security up to the security class 4
  • Completely prevents unauthorized key copying - spare keys can only be made on the ground of providing a certificate by an authorized person


Who is the SGHK system for?

Particularly for administration buildings, hotels,  guest houses, sport centres, housing cooperatives, etc.  



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