Locks and fittings

What we offer to firms

Our standard offer of security:

  • a special sales department team focusing on companies and industrial compounds 
  • personal approach
  • consultancy services in the security area  - from mechanical elements and electronics to fire or other recommendations
  • tailor-made offers
  • a report on the current state of the property
  • security recommendations
  • training of authorized individuals

Our above-standard offer of security:   

  • overall assessment of a building - the number and type of doors, measurements
  • evaluating the suitability of the existing fittings - handles and plates with respect to the usage and location of the building
  • proposal of a suitable locking plan - determining access rights of users with regard to simplicity and logicality.
  • SGHK (Grand Master and Master Keyed Systems) assembly within the premises including possible changes of plates, handles and security hardware
  • provision of spare keys only to the authorized person appointed by the owner of the building   


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Example of securing a firm using  TOKOZ PRO products

  1. TOKOZ PRO 400
  2. TOKOZ PRO 300
  3. UZ PRO 240
  4. X safety BOX III
  5. Extreme PRO
  6. GAMA 60 CS
  8. systémové
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TOKOZ presented Locks and fittings in Ukraine

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