Custom manufacturing

Pressure casting of Zn alloys

Die casting of Zn alloys

We use the pressure casting technology to produce non-ferrous metal castings. Our strong suit is the production of thin-section castings with hight demands for precise dimensions, inner homogeneity, low rate of porousness and top surface quality.


Zn alloy die casting shop

  • machines include the FRECH injection casting presses from 50 kN to 2000 kN and COLOSIO 2500 kN.
  • DAW 1250, DAW 2000 and 2500 kN injection casting presses with a real time process management
  • alloys used: Zamak 5, in case of a larger order volume, we can use other alloys too (e.g. Zamak 2)
  • maximum mould size: 650 x 500 mm
  • maximum casting size: 3g - 2500g
  • central vacuum device
  • mould tempering device
  • mechanical sorting machines


Trimming of castings

  • hydraulic trimming presses within automated work-stations at DAK 580, COLOSIO 250 and COLOSIO 750
  • REIS and Diesse Presse hydraulic trimming presses

Our competitive advantage is that we offer comprehensive services starting from mould construction tested using the Procast simulating casting process, over the option of mould vacuuming up to a long-standing technologically-productive interconnection of mould production and our own foundry.